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Today I'm sharing some artwork I have created over the years before my son was born and a few pieces after.....The dates range from "2001" - 2006".  I have always loved drawing/painting since I was a child, especially people and women although I do not have any female paintings (only one whimsical fairy).  When I moved in to my house in 1996 I began painting with "Gallery Glass" on to the windows.
My first hand painted piece is a vase full of flowers from my garden.  My ex-boss Sharon gave me the vase for my Birthday and I painted this arrangement of flowers outdoors.  I placed the vase full of flowers on my concrete bench but I did not add the outside background.  I used my imagination for the background work.  I was lucky to have one stem of my favorite flower "Foxglove".....It's the tall bell shaped flowers.  The flower is a biennial which means they come up every other year by re-seeding...
The hand painted work below the canvas was to match the wallpaper.  I did not want to add a wallpaper border print so I got ambitious and created this "French" scroll floral design.... 
 My next painting was painted from a photo in a history book of "Navajo Indians".....It was a black and white photo of a Navajo warrior and I had to use my imagination to come up with the color scheme.....I chose colors I have in my living room.  My living room is very rustic, heavy furniture, manly, with southwestern flair...I have a LOVE for American Indian art and especially love their hand-woven rugs, pottery, silver smith work, and beading.  It's the only room in my house that does not have any "feminine" details....I'm still not quite finished with his jewelry and blanket.  O'h well.....
                                                                          I was working on face/necklace here recently(2015).
 Here is another painting using flowers from my garden and a vase I have displayed in my kitchen....The table you see the vase on was a mosaic table I made using stained glass pieces....I no longer have the table....Again, the background work was from imagination...
This is the window I added design to using "Gallery Glass"....I used an actual stained glass template.  The room this window is in I call my "peacock room".....It's my scrap room...
I had no idea what I was getting myself in to with this painting!!! hehe  I was a little nervous at first......I took a class at the Harrisburg, PA Art Association.  I didn't realize I'd be painting a nude figure. As you can see I took an appropriate angle....hehe  It got a little easier each week...This is not a canvas and I had this one stored up on my attic so it's a little wrinkled....This painting was done the summer of "2004" when I was pregnant with my son.
This was a painting I did while visiting "Promised Land State Park" in the "Pocono's, Pennsylvania"....I set up my supplies at the edge of the lake....I sat and painted throughout the day.  I met a "nature" photographer from a magazine...
 This was one of my first flower paintings.  It's not my favorite but I needed practice.  I put this in an old shabby frame I got at a flea market....
 Here is another window I added "Gallery Glass" to.....The sun does fade the colors so I must go over some places with color.....It's easy to do and much like painting...

This painting was created for the Harrisburg Art Association gallery event....The theme was "nude"......I went with a whimsical/magical fairy.  I used part of my imagination for this one and an actual photo.  Sorry I wanted to make this painting larger but blogger is giving me a hard time.....
 My love for art and creating has always changed.....I tend to start with new idea's over the years and then change because I get bored.....Right now I enjoy creating scrapbook layouts, mixed media, and altered projects.  I'm enjoying it now because I never know how long my love for it will last until I'm off doing something new.....I feel fortunate I'm able to share my work with everyone and create for some awesome design teams...I hope you enjoyed and thank you for visiting!

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