Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Happy Hello Friends!
Today I'm sharing a mixed media hand painted project that I am submitting for the Lindy's Stamp Gang November Challenge (click here).....I was inspired to do an angel painting for this time of year (I collect angels).  I started with a cloudy background as seen on some of my Instagram photo's.  I was going to do clouds with rain in the background but I ended up making this a Winter/snow filled page.  I asked my son to name this painting.  He just happened to be working on a science project about the Arctic Tundra, hence the name "Angel of the Arctic"...
I see Lindy's has a new design team call right now.....I would LOVE to apply!!!!  As much as I'd love to, I try to keep some balance in my life...My mom and dad are doing much better right now and I want it to stay that way.  I have this thought that if I take on too much something bad will happen.  It happened to me twice.  (Flooding, my parents).....Hoping "2015" will be a good year!!!!  I'm also feeling generous because Christmas is coming! Stay tuned for more details on my "painting" giveaway! Just a little something to put a smile on someone's face for the Holiday's!
I sketched some feather looking details for wings and then defined them at various spots with SILVER MOON TURQUOISE embossing powder.
Here is a collage showing the first steps I took before loading on the Lindy's sprays, beading and lace.
I hand painted CARIBBEAN BLUE to the pupils of her eyes and below her eyebrow.....
I used various Lindy's sprays in the lace: Baby Blue Eyes, Caribbean Blue, Wicked Witch Purple, T-Bird Turquoise and Steel Shimmer.
I used a touch of yellow/orange at the top left corner.....The sun is trying to peek through....
I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Be safe!!!


  1. Wow Mandy, I'm in awe with your drawing skills, this portrait is just amazing!!

  2. What a wonderful talent you have, Mandy! This is gorgeous! The colors and sparkle are beautiful. I love angels also, and your son picked a perfect title for this awesome painting. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. wow wow wow what interpretation of color challenge at Lindy's. thank you for your participation and good luck

  4. Beautiful work! Thanks for joining the Lindy's Stamp Gang Challenge!

  5. Wow what an artist you are! Truly AMAZING!!!


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