Thursday, January 1, 2015

2 of 2 - SKETCHES

Today was a perfect "lazy" day to finish up on my sketch work.  Here's the deal - I wasn't quite pleased with the 1st "finished" sketch....The angles were a bit off and I put a few tears in the paper.  I took a different approach on the second sketch.  I decided to lightly sketch and blend.....I kept layering  color and blending.....A definite improvement on number two (1st photo below).  I watched two video's showing portrait sketch work and I couldn't follow either although I picked up a few tips.....I have to sketch "my way" or the highway!! hehe  I finished off #2's shadows and highlights with some oil pastels...I'm learning as I go and it's challenging but I'm loving it.
Can you guess who she is?
Some of you guessed on Instagram!
Here is a collage showing some of the steps I took before I finished.
Here is the next collage on the same lady-different image/hair style.  I started out lightly sketching and then added heavy colored details at the end.....
Still don't know?  I'll never tell.....I'm not quite that confident yet....I wish I would have stopped at the third image above (more natural)...I wanted to add some more vibrant colors....
Wishing all a year of creativity, health, happiness and prosperity!


  1. Sensational ! loooove it so much, you are getting better and better. It is so realistic looking portrait. Well done my friend, Marta xx

  2. Wow Amazing! So perfect! Love to see your work!

  3. You are wicked talented, such beautiful portraits!

  4. Your drawing is awesome!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and happy New Year!


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