Sunday, February 15, 2015


Happy Hello Friends!
Today I'm sharing some art work I created in my mixed media sketchbook.....

 "Update" -I had some questions asked to me by a few different friends whether I trace or draw my images.....I have never traced any of my paintings or drawings.....That wouldn't be challenging for me....I am looking forward to preparing a video showing the steps I take to create my drawings....If you don't mind watching me use an eraser in the beginning, I'd be glad to show you!  This woman I sketched was quite easy and I had her outline finished quickly...That is the easy part....The hard part is blending the shadows and highlights (with Viva paper towels or micro cloth).....At the very end I go in with an eraser - Cheekbones, earlobes, jawbone, eyebrow bone, nose, neck, shoulder, clavicle bone, down her arm, etc. and take away color for "highlights"....
Good questions, thanks for asking and keep em com'n!!!

I love all things peacock theme so I decided to add a peacock headpiece to this drawing....I used my imagination for the headpiece and lashes....
I used mostly "Prismacolor" premier pencils for this project....Highlighted with a few paints "Tattered Angels" High Impact (available at Canvas Corp Brands) CLICK HERE  and outlined with "Faber Castell" Pitt Artist Pens...
Watercolors and Neon Acrylics here and there...
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wow! This is so beautifully amazing, Mandy! Love it!

  2. Beautiful! Did you trace the head to start? Or did you draw it yourself? It looks beautiful, and i bet you had fun making it.

  3. Thank you so much ladies! Much appreciated! Wilma, I did not trace her.....It was freehand - I base my drawings on photo images or real subjects....I use "erasers" a lot!! hehe


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