Thursday, May 21, 2015


Happy Hello Friends!
Today I'm sharing a canvas art mini album created for Canvas Corp Brands. A Canvas Crew "Designer Inspired" challenge: .....This was an awesome challenge for me!!
I created an inspirational collage featuring designers, culture, home décor and architecture.  Nature and earth elements were also an inspiration in this art canvas album......I  am a flea market person and I technically don't buy "designer" clothing......I like unique pieces but if I was to pick a favorite "go to" clothing designer it would be "Lucky Brand"....It's definitely me!!! With that being said, I only own one item from Lucky Brand.....A brown leather purse with braided leather, fringe and metal feather!  A wise TJ Maxx "clearance" purchase!! hehe
The top left photo is designer Ralph Lauren's living room.....I LOVE IT!  Rustic, primitive, heavy, simple, earthy details....The bottom right photo is a stained glass window pattern from "Frank Lloyd Wright"....A perfect compliment to any southwestern style room....I love his stained glass work although he was known more for his architecture....I added a few photo's of "Native Americans" because I have been inspired by their art since I was a teenager....Turquoise, braids, leather, fringe, pottery, silversmith work, rugs, geometric shapes, feathers.  Their art is amazing!
I am also inspired by the landscape of the Southwest!
I was not able to share any "how to" details for this canvas because it was very time consuming and I knew this post would already have many photo's...But I'd be more then happy to do a how to video or step out photo's for one of the pages...
I started with page one and two with "Southwestern" Adobe style living as my inspiration.....I had to add a few "ladder" like details to these pages....I used many Canvas Corp Brands products - Burlap, Cording, Tattered Angels (paints, mists, opaques)....I will have a list of supplies at the end of this post....
I definitely wanted to upcycle some corrugated cardboard and these two pages reminds me of a distressed copper roof....A added many layers of various "Tattered Angels" products to get that distressed copper look....
I also upcycled some leftover rubber matting....It's the square background you see....I used it as a stencil, stamp and part of the center details...I added some Canvas Corp Brands black cording and braided it.....I also added their square Burlap piece and canvas cut into strips...
This two pager was my sons favorite....I handed him the album and he paged through it a couple of times.....hehe  I always like to get his opinion.  This was such a fun page to create!!! I used "Viva" paper towels!! Yes I said "Viva"!! hehe - I added modeling paste (below and on top) and used my fingers to create wrinkles and crevices....I sprayed a lot of Tattered Angels (opaque's and glimmermist) - various brown shades....When the paint dried I sealed it...
The cross on the right was formed by adding the turquoise piece (left) and wrapping/scrunching the paper towels around the cross....I then lifted the cross before it dried... Again, I braided the black cording for these two pages.
EARTH AND WATER - I went a little abstract on these pages....Again, various Tattered Angels products....Two simple pages but I love the color combo!
I have a 15 second video on Instagram showing how I was adding "Wave"  Plain Jane Baseboard paint from "Tattered Angels....
PEACOCK - TOOLED LEATHER I was going for a tooled leather effect on these pages....I know Peacock feathers are not typical of "Southwestern" or " Native
 American"  art...
 My last two pages were filled with many cut pieces of burlap from Canvas Corp Brands....I show page 1 and 2 in a vertical design so I wanted the last pages horizontally designed....When I took the photo of these pages the letter "V" stood out....My sons name is Vaughn...The "V" was unintentional but I'm glad it worked out the way it did....
Thank you for stopping by and below is the link for each of the supplies I used.
Other Supplies:
Drywall Tape
Copper Leaf
Modeling Paste
Peacock Feathers
Chipboard Shapes
Have a great day!


  1. Awesome album, Mandy! A lot of work certainly went into this!

    1. Thank you Patty! Yeah, I didn't want to rush and things were taking very long to dry.......

  2. Wowwwww Mandy, this is one great minialbum! Out of the box. I dont like minialbums at all, but this one is such a pleasure to look at. What are you going to do with it? Leave as is or add pictures?

    1. I agree Wilma....I'm really not a mini person but this is a canvas mini so I was definitely going "mixed media" with it....I don't want to add pictures....When I page through it I'm constantly rubbing my fingers over the textures!! hehe Thank you for your kind words!!

  3. It's an amazing album. Unique texture and just love it! You create amazing things :) !

  4. Amazing album! Love all the textures and colors are amazing!

  5. Thank you Phyllis! Much appreciated!


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