Monday, March 24, 2014

SOMETHING TATTERED - Altered Flower and Butterfly Tutorial

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Today I'm sharing a tutorial featuring various stamps from:
"Something Tattered"
I started this project by punching out many flowers and butterflies using a "Martha Stewart" punch.  Below is a photo of the various supplies I used.
After I was finished punching out the flowers and butterflies, I added gesso to the white cardstock.  I began by stippling the gesso with a blunt paint brush for added texture.......
 While the gesso is still wet add a few drop of ink and begin stippling/pouncing with the brush again.
If you would like to lighten the color add a little more gesso. 
 Here is close up details using "Stream" Adirondack (Earthtones) Alcohol Ink.
 The small delicately detailed stamps work perfect for this kind of project!  So many options and so much fun!
The colors and stamps are endless -  Each and every flower and butterfly has a different color and stamping variation.....
 Now if you are feeling really ambitious you can double up the butterfly and add wire antenna's...I mainly wanted to show the different variations of stamp work....
 Because I layered the flowers, I stamped the outer edges of the petals....
Here is yet another color and stamp variation-
 I am glad I chose to do a photo step out tutorial for this project because you are able to see clear up close details....Sometimes my video's don't capture the colors and details like a photo.
 I used pearl brads for the center of the flowers but you can also add gems, rhinestones, beads or buttons.  Tiny rhinestones would look beautiful on the butterflies also.
 I will provide information on the various stamps I used below-
 Here is the various stamps I used-

Stop on by the "Something Tattered" online shop and check out the gorgeous stamps!
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