Friday, April 22, 2011


click here  If the Shoe Fits.....SCRAP IT!
Go on over to  "If the Shoe Fits....SCRAP IT!  Great weekly challenges!  This weeks challenge is focusing on "Earth Day"!   I created the Eco-friendly scrapbook page by collecting greens, grasses, sticks and moss from my garden.  What a fun way to celebrate "Earth Day".  Many of these items collected can be preserved by using silica gel found at local craft stores.  You can put the silica gel in a container (air tight) and lay your flowers, leaves, greens,etc. in the gel for a few days or more and VOILA!!!.......A beautifully preserved piece of nature that can be added to a floral arrangement, scrapbook page, or anything your imagination can come up with!  The photo in this layout was taken two years ago.  I found robins in my Rhododendron and I had easy access to get a photo since the nest was eye level.  Perfect photo for this earth friendly layout!  BTW, the most expensive piece on this layout is the "Dusty Attic" attitude piece!  I basically did this one for a few bucks! Wee!


  1. WOW! Amazing designs and details! Wonderfully textural and fabulously vintage!

  2. Love the use of things from the garden, LOL have just posted some pics from my own garden.

  3. I simply love this. So happy to be on the dt with you! Amazing work!


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