Thursday, July 7, 2011


Cameo Flower Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Glue gun
1 1/2 " wired ribbon
Green Felt

NOTE:  I know you're thinking "hot glue"?!!?  Yes,  I let it cool a bit before pressing with my fingers.  A little like eating hot food, I blow on it to cool it down.  Just use the tiniest bit and you'll be fine but always wait until it gets a bit gooey and of course cools down.
Start gathering one side of the ribbon by pulling the wire out and pushing the ribbon back.
I like to gather the ribbon as tight as possible (gently) to create many ruffles.
Remember:  I use hot glue!  I have seen tutorial's using a running stitch to fasten the flower.  For me, hot glue is much faster and just as effective.
My first layer using hot glue.  Form a circle and dab a little hot glue to hold it together.  Layer the frayed end underneath and glue.
Circle around to the next layer and dab glue here and there.
I used a cameo from "The Dollar Tree"  It's a hair accessory.
I removed the back with a steak knife..
The last step is to add a circular piece of felt hot glued to the back of your flower for a finished look.  You can use any circular template.  I used a lid from a pill bottle.
Thank you for looking!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. Beautiful Mandy, thank you for the tutorial, I to love the use of hot glue, just not the getting burned part. LOL


  2. ooooooooo I love this thanks :)

  3. You ARE clever Mandy!! thanks for the tut! use hot glue too but hate the strands that stick everywhere even though they are easily removed once they've cooled. todeloo! xoxoxo


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